8:00PM All Seats $10
Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm. BYOB 

A night of unscripted fun! Come see some of Hartford's  best improv groups - some created on-the-fly for this night only - perform comedy, inspired by your suggestions.

HOME BREW is a diverse group of people ranging from a former politician, to a hacker, to an orthodontist. They met at Claire Zick's Advanced Improvisation class in the spring of 2011 and have been practicing together since.


FRANKLIN'S PEACHES will perform 4Track, a fast-paced, high-energy show spun from a single audience suggestion.

The SticksTHE STICKS are a group of absurdly old theater nerds who have performed together from as far back as 1981 - also a great year for REO Speedwagon. They live mostly in East Hampton which is a lot like Hartford only with more people on the weekends. A few of them are married to one another. Most of them have children. Lots of children. Holy crap that's a lot of children. We're all very impressed with your fertility. In 2010, after years of doing plays, vacations and binge-drinking exercises together, they decided to teach themselves longform improv. It was an audacious goal, but one that at least two of them at some point were sort of certainish that they could pull off probably. Watch them and you be the judge. It's your right as an American/Canadian/Glastonburian pursuer of comedy."

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