• September 13, 2014
    Pete Michaels, headliner

    Scott Higgins, middle act
    Matt Jedynak, emcee
  • November 1, 2014
    Debra Cole, headliner
    Vicky Kuperman, middle act
    Christina Thomas, emcee
  • Wed., November 26, 2014
    Rob Falcone, headliner
    Shaun Eli, middle act
    Rich Cyr, emcee
  • January 10, 2015
    Joseph Anthony, headliner
    Jeff Lutz, middle act
    JT Taylor, emcee
  • April 3, 2015
    Ray Harrington, headliner
    Aaron David Ward, middle act
    Mike Drena, emcee
  • May 16, 2015
    Christine Hurley, headliner
    Tom Stewart, middle act
    Barbara Jurgelas, emcee

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8:00PM All Seats Reserved $15
Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00pm. BYOB 

Pete Michaels PETE MICHAELS (HEADLINER) With major Film and TV credits like: The MTV Video Music Awards, Dummy; (with Oscar winner Adrien Brody); Late Night with Conan O'Brien; Showtime At The Apollo; Canada's: Comedy At Club 54; Uptown Comedy Club; Comedy Central; Let's Laugh with Sherman Hemsley, and many others-- It's no wonder why Pete Michaels is one of the most IN DEMAND performers today! His fascination with music, comedy, puppets and ventriloquism also began as a child; with his influences being Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell and Jimmy Nelson. He continued performing during his high school years, often playing the musical comedy leads. Pete continued to perform in Comedy Clubs and on Cruise Ships, quickly gaining wide acclaim and was soon a regular at the world famous Apollo Theater with his black puppet pal; Woody D. The duo performed dozens of television shows, concerts and special events at the landmark venue. Several television appearances (Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Showtime At The Apollo, Uptown Comedy Club, Comedy Central, Canada's Comedy At Club 54) and tours followed. Pete was also a Top 20 Video Finalist on America's Got Talent. [website]
Mike Prior
could boast the perfect resume for a comedian: in high school thrown out of biology class for doing an impression of the teacher; voted class clown; knee-deep in torment for performing too-perfect impressions of family members at family functions. Finally, in college between studies, slices of cold pizza and late night jaunts to convenient stores Higgins managed to enroll in a theater class. As it turned out, his professor performed stand-up at a local comedy club. When the temptation to perform became way too tempting, Higgins stepped out for his premier comedy spot at Groucho's Comedy Club in CT in 1988. He was hooked: the chuckles and howls from the audience were like honey and he knew that he was somewhere he belonged. Higgins everyman relaxed style draws an audience in, then keeps them.

Matt Jedynak
is the owner, entertainment consultant & producer of FunnyMoneyComedy.com. He is a Connecticut native who began his comedy career more than 20 years ago. Having always had the passion and desire to help others, several years ago, when Safe Graduation parties were still in their infancy, Matthew was blessed with the idea that he could do two of the things he loved most ? stand-up comedy and helping others. So he proposed a comedy show to one of his local high schools. Today, with more than $650,000 raised for non-profit organizations, his shows include high school fundraisers, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Elks Lodges, Police & Fire Departments and many more non-profit fundraising events.

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