JANUARY 8, 2016

CAGE MATCH: History of the Future vs. Knucklepuck vs. Romantic Baby

A no holds barred competition where three improv teams compete head-to-head for a cash prize -- and you decide the winner!  Only one team will be victorious and your vote counts! The winner returns to defend their title at the next show of the series. Bring your friends and come vote for the best improv team in this one to one matchup. 

Competing Tonight:

HISTORY OF THE FUTURE It was the year 2345 ad.  Climate change had forever changed the landscape, and now the coast of New England is nearer to Hartford, CT.  On one stormy day, several quirky adults were taking a Duck Tour of the Hartford suburbs when suddenly violent bolts of lightning struck the water and massive whirlpool sucked up the unsuspecting tourists into a time vortex!  After passing the same blue police call box several times, the group emerged in the year 2015.  After much griping about how Noah, the tour bus driver, had failed to part the seas, the group ditched the truck on the side of I-91 and set off to tell their story.  Predictably, the group never took the time to write any of this down and instead insists upon telling this history in a series of unscripted performances with the help of their audience.  The result continues to be, the History of the Future!


KNUCKLEPUCK - a slapshot that move likes a sine curve rather than a direct, straight shot. Four crazy kids from Connecticut team up to annihilate and audience member's suggestion through teamwork, physicality, and a lot of crazy.



- is a subsection of Sea Tea Improv, Hartford's premiere improvisational comedy company. The team formed on a road trip to The Cradle of Liberty, Boston, Massachusetts, after a discussion about the genderization of infants. ROMANTIC BABY is all women and all business. When the team is fully met, Casey Grambo, Laura Manasewich, Stephanie "Sproffee" Rice, and Julia Ludovici Pistell are all in the room.

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