Created in 2019, the Directors Society encourages and recognizes leadership giving to Playhouse on Park. Members, who qualify by making gifts of $1000 or more during the fiscal year, enjoy benefits that give them an insider’s view of the theater and the creative process. Directors Society gifts are critical to filling the gap between ticket prices and the real cost of running our nonprofit theater. For more information, contact Tracy Flater, Executive Director at

Directors Society members for 2019-2020 are:

Gaetano Albani & Jayne Dean
Matthew & Victoria Bragg
Grace Brandt
Andrei & Zhanna Brel
Budget Printers & Embroiderers
Shari & Michael Cantor
Ann & Richard Cohen
Virginia DeLima
Jane Comerford and Jonathan Sporn
Nina Elgo & Chris Kriesen
Kenneth Elligers
Gene & Peter Evans
Tracy Flater & Tony Falcetti
Ann Marie Fauliso
Kathy Frederick & Gene Leach
Leslie Frey
Bonnie & Dan Gauthier
Myles and Tracy Gibbons
Robert & Francine Goldfarb
Lisa & Timothy Greene
Sean Harris
Jeffrey & Nancy Hoffman
Susan King
Roy Wiseman & Lisa Kugelman
Andrew & Lauren Lieberman
Robert & Deborah Loomis
Dave & Judith Macri
Charles & Georgette Mallory
Brian Harvey & Sherry Manetta
Sheila Marks
Carol & Patrick McCabe
John Motley
William & Nancy Newman
Margaret & James Rattigan
Joanne & Arthur Rome
Richard & Lea Rubenstein
Lee & Lynn Sherman
Kevin Kenzenkovic & Noreen Shugrue
Mark Smith & Barbara Veale Smith
Robert & Janeace Slifka
Barbara & Roger Spear
Leland Brandt & Lynne Tapper
Denise & Robert Tovlin
Kimberly Townsend
Betsy & Matthew Udal
Ruth & Ronald Van Winkle
Richard & Katherine Wise
David & Lisa Wurzer
Darlene & Tibor Zoller