By August Wilson
Directed by Kenney Green
Rehearsals begin Oct. 11, 2022 | Performances: Nov. 2-20, 2022

Set in segregated Pittsburgh in the 1950s, Fences depicts the life of Troy Maxson, a former Negro League baseball star now scraping by as a sanitation worker. A towering figure facing thwarted aspirations, Troy attempts to assert control in his life through his relationships with his wife and son. But even as he takes responsibility for their safety and well-being, he betrays them each in ways that will forever alter their lives. Part of August Wilson’s 10-play Century Cycle, Fences explores the walls we build around ourselves and our loved ones, while also illuminating one family’s struggles in a racist society. Fences is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, two-time Tony Award-winner, and one of the most groundbreaking plays of the 20th century.


TROY MAXSON – A hard working, proud man who demands more out of life. Troy struggles to provide for his family while working as a sanitation worker. A former baseball player in the Negro Leagues, Troy is resentful over the racism that prevented him from playing in the major leagues. Black, 40 – 55. AEA or NON AEA

ROSE – Troy’s second wife and the mother of Cory. Maternal, practical, patient, and forgiving. Powerful underneath and determined to hold her family together. She asks Troy to build a fence around their house. Black, 40 – 55. AEA or NON AEA

CORY – The son of Troy and Rose, Cory embodies a hope for the future unmet by the pessimism of his father. Black, Early 20’s. NON AEA

JIM BONO – Troy’s best friend, Bono is the follower in their relationship, evidenced by his admission to Troy when confronting him about his affair. Black, 40’s-50’s. AEA OR NON AEA

LYONS – Troy’s oldest son from a previous relationship. Lyons strives, against the wishes of his father, to be a professional musician. Black, 30’s. NON AEA

GABRIEL – Troy’s brother, Gabriel is the victim of a brain-injury he received at war. As a result of the injury, Gabe has gone insane, living trapped in the psychotic belief that he is St. Gabriel. Light trumpet playing. Black, 40’s. AEA OR NON AEA

RAYNELL – Troy's daughter, fathered out of wedlock with his mistress, Alberta, who died during childbirth and leaves Troy and Rose to raise Raynell. Black, 7 - 10. NON AEA

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