Casting the role of RAYNELL in August Wilson's FENCES

 Set in segregated Pittsburgh in the 1950s, Fences depicts the life of Troy Maxson, a former Negro League baseball star now scraping by as a sanitation worker. A towering figure facing thwarted aspirations, Troy attempts to assert control in his life through his relationships with his wife and son. But even as he takes responsibility for their safety and well-being, he betrays them each in ways that will forever alter their lives. Part of August Wilson’s 10-play Century Cycle, Fences explores the walls we build around ourselves and our loved ones, while also illuminating one family’s struggles in a racist society. Fences is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, two-time Tony Award-winner, and one of the most groundbreaking plays of the 20th century.


7 to 10 years old, African/Black female. Troy's daughter, fathered out of wedlock with his mistress, Alberta, who died during childbirth and leaves Troy and Rose to raise Raynell. NON AEA
If you have a child that may fir this description, please write to Sean Harris, Artistic Director at
The performer will be given a stipend.


Playhouse on Park is a fully vaccinated company
Rehearsals begin the week of October 12
Production runs Nov. 2-20.


Music by Douglas J. Cohen, Lyrics by Tom Toce, Book by Robert Owens Scott: Conceived and originally directed by Bruce Colville

Directed by David Addis
Musical Direction by Kevin Barlowski

A CHARLES DICKENS CHRISTMAS is a highly original take on A Christmas Carol that follows a young Charles Dickens as he struggles to provide his publisher with a Christmas story he promised to write. With the aid of his artistic muse, Dickens faces–and comes to terms with–his own troubled youth, learning the true meaning of Christmas and finding in his past the inspiration for his immortal holiday classic.


ACTOR 1 ……………Charles Dickens: A driven and successful writer, but an unhappy man. He remembers Christmas as a miserable experience from his childhood, until he realizes the sacrifice his father made for him back then. 
AGE: To play early-mid 30’s. 
VOCAL RANGE: Baritone A2-F4

ACTOR 2…………….John Dickens: Father to Charles, he spends Charles' money, much to Charles' dismay, but he loves his son and made the sacrifices necessary for Charles to grow up to be the famous author he is. 
Doublings: Peddler, Mr. Trotwood, and others
AGE: Character actor to play 40s-60s
VOCAL RANGE: Baritone A2-F4

ACTOR 3……………..Tim Trotwood: A fictional character in versions of the Christmas story Charles is trying to write. Tim is a young man who works all day without complaint to support his family, and is very hurt when the girl he loves tells her he is too poor to marry.
Doublings: Young Charles Dickens, Signboard Boy, and others
AGE: To play 18-25 

ACTOR 4……………..Chapman: Charles' publisher. A man almost as unhappy as Charles, he always worries about money and his public image and lacks the Christmas spirit. 
Doublings: Hargreaves, Prison Guard, and Barber, Maitre’D, and others
AGE: To play 30-50
VOCAL RANGE: Baritone G2-E4

ACTOR 5……………..Young Woman/Muse: a figment of Charles' imagination, she is sweet but stubborn in her guidance of Charles to the story and the happiness he is looking for. 
Doublings: Rachael (Tim’s love), Orphan Lady, Flower Girl, and others
AGE: To play 18-30
VOCAL RANGE: Soprano A3-B5

ACTOR 6……………..Mrs. Furnival: the innkeeper's wife and Charles' assistant. She is a caring woman who treats him like a son, and worries that Charles overexerts himself. Skills in Cockney or other British dialects are a plus.
Doublings: Mrs. Trotwood, Mrs. Dickens, and others
AGE:  Character actor to play 40-60

Rehearsals begin 11/26

Performances: 12/10-12/29 (no performances 12/24 or 12/25)

Possible extension until 12/22
Pay: $490/wk  

Local auditions are on October 17th.  If you would like to be considered for an audition, please email your headshot, resume, and desired role to Sean Harris, Artistic Director at