In the spirit of Kennedy, the team at Playhouse on Park is preparing to exercise their civic duty to vote and we want to encourage you to join us. While we will never tell you how to vote, we feel it is a part of our responsibility as members of this community to help you be best prepared to vote. The two non-partisan initiatives listed below are tools that we believe will help you leading up to November.

Create the Vote CT is an initiative uniting Connecticut arts organizations to help elect "Arts Champions" in this coming election. The arts community is a vital part of our state and the state will not be able to recover if arts organizations do not recover with it. They are curating several projects to help with voter education and are currently working to compile answers from all candidates seeking office statewide about their relationship with the arts and plans to help with arts recovery and racial justice. You can get started by taking their pledge to Create the Vote at and by using the hashtag #CreateTheVoteCT on social media.


Rock the Vote helps to prepare you for the best performance you can give... VOTING! On this national platform you have the ability to check your voter registration, set reminders for election day, and even be one of the over 12 million people they have helped register if you haven't already done so. You can text VOTER to 788-683 or visit to get started.