is an exciting artistic endeavor for Playhouse on Park. Our mission is to develop and produce original plays and musicals, to foster emerging and established playwrights, and to become a leader in new play development. We aim to help establish the Greater Hartford Area as a premiere destination for the cultivation and exploration of innovative theatrical work.

A reading of a new play by professional actors; a talk back following the reading with with the playwright, the cast and the director; and opportunity for audiences members to complete a response card pertaining to the play/musical.

February 28, 2017


by Mackenzie McBride

Owen meets Lucy, they fall in love, they break up, they rewind and start all over. And over and over and over. A couple, forced to endlessly re-live their romance from beginning to end, wonders if the fate of their relationship is inevitable. They decide to go back and try it all again, this time without the lies or the fear. Could the truth make a difference? Could it release them both from their purgatory?




Mackenzie McBride is a Brooklyn based playwright and teaching artist. Her plays have been produced by ESPA at Primary Stages, Taksu Theatre Company, Durango Arts Center, The New York Indie One-Minute Play Festival, and Typed Out Productions. Recently she was named a Top 5 Finalist for the Durango Arts Center 10-Minute Play Festival and a "Risky Playwright of the Year" at The Cutting Ball Theater in San Francisco. Her plays include The Telling and Re-Telling of Lucy and Owen, A Lovely Damaged Quality, Advent of Loss, Bitten, Sad Words, SHE, and Lab Rat.  Mackenzie is a graduate of Cranbrook Kingswood (Class of 2008) and of The Florida State University's School of Theater (Class of 2011).   A proud mid-westerner, Mackenzie was born and raised in Ortonville, Michigan.



Season 8 Playwrights On Park Dates

Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.
September 27, 2016
November 15, 2016
January 24, 2017
February 28, 2017
May 9, 2017
July 18, 2017

$5 General Admission

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Sasha Brätt, Literary Manager
We will accept year-round submissions for the Playwrights on Park Reading Series. Throughout each season, there will a presentation of the selected works. The plays will receive a cast of professional actors and a director and will be presented as a staged reading for a public audience. After the reading, a moderated audience discussion with the actors, the director, and most importantly, the playwright, will give both the Playhouse on Park and the playwright constructive feedback to further develop the playwright's vision for the play.

Playwrights on Park seeks to unveil the best new material from playwrights across the country. Submitted plays will be considered for our Playwrights on Park Reading Series. Most importantly it is intended as an experience for both the playwright and our audience. There are only a limited number of readings per season. As the playwright is the focus of our reading series, selected playwrights must be available to come to the Playhouse on Park for the staged reading of the play and the audience discussion that follows. The presence of the playwright is the cornerstone of Playwrights on Park reading series. We are happy to consider your play, provided you submit according to these guidelines: Electronic submissions are preferred but hardcopy can be mailed to: Sasha Brätt at the address above. Materials will be reviewed by our Literary Manager, as well as our Literary Committee. Plays recommended by this committee may be included in our Playwrights on Park Reading Series. Playwrights will receive a confirmation of receipt within a week of submission. Playwrights may also expect a response from the Literary Manager as to whether or not the play will be considered for the Playwrights on Park Reading Series within 2-4 months, after the play is reviewed by the Literary Committee in the order it was received.