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Upcoming auditions will be listed below. If you are interested in being considered for any of the productions in the season please email Sean Harris at your headshot and resume and state which roles and productions you are interested in. Rehearsals begin 3 weeks before the production begins. There are usually 2 AEA contracts for our Main Stage productions.  Our TYA productions are exclusively NON AEA. All positions are paid. Please state if you have local housing. Each summer we have a Local and NYC audition for the entire season, and before each show we have a second round of auditions and callbacks.

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The Scottsboro Boys is a haunting and powerful portrait of bravery in the face of enormous adversity. Nine African-American men were ripped from a train and accused of rape by two white women. Hauled to jail without a shred of actual evidence against them, The Scottsboro Boys were rushed through trial procedures, found guilty and sentenced to death.  The musical is a stirring and provocative work depicting one of the most important and notorious chapters in the history of the American Civil Rights movement.
We are seeking local Multi - talented performers who Dance, Sing, and Act extremely well.  Strong willingness to collaborate as an ensemble is essential for the development of this production. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about this story and recognize the need to perform it at this time.
Previews: June 26, June 27, 2019
Production runs: June 28-August 4, 2019
Rehearsals begin June 3, 2019
Haywood Patterson: Male, African American, 25-35
a Scottsboro Boy; plans to travel and see the world, while looking for work; a natural leader committed to finding the truth and refusing to give in to the demands of white superiors; vocal range top: C#5; vocal range bottom: B2. AEA OR NON AEA
Interlocutor: Male, White, 35-60
the host of the minstrel show and narrator of our story; confident and always a smile on his face, he constantly talks to the Boys to keep control of the show; doublings include Judge and Governor of Alabama; vocal range top: C4; vocal range bottom: C3.  AEA OR NON AEA
Mr. Bones: Male, African American, 28-40
a minstrel show entertainer; doublings include Sheriff Bones; Lawyer Bones, Guard Bones and The Attorney General; vocal range top: E4; vocal range bottom: Ab2. AEA or NON AEA
Mr. Tambo: Male, African American, 25-35
a minstrel show entertainer; doublings include Deputy Tambo, Lawyer Tambo, Guard Tambo and Samuel Leibowitz; vocal range top: F4; vocal range bottom: A. AEA or NON AEA
Clarence Norris: Male, African American, 26-32
a Scottsboro Boy traveling to Memphis to begin work on a river barge; he is fed up waiting for handouts, vocal and frustrated with a short-fused temper; doubling as Preacher; vocal range top: F4; vocal range bottom: G2. NON AEA
Ozie Powell: Male, African American, 22-28
a Scottsboro Boy who escaped his saw mill job in Atlanta to seek better employment in Memphis; he eventually is driven to violence against the prison guards; doubling as Ruby Bates; vocal range top: C5; vocal range bottom: B2. NON AEA
Eugene Williams: Male, African American, 15-22
a Scottsboro Boy heading for Memphis, he is sneaking away from his home in Atlanta with a pet frog; the youngest boy of the group; he is the most emotionally vulnerable and suffers from nightmares in jail; doubling as Little George; vocal range top: A4; vocal range bottom: A2. NON AEA
Andy Wright: Male, African American, 25-30
a Scottsboro Boy and Roy's stubborn older brother; he's looking for river work to make money for his mother and sister, despite being illiterate; vocal range top: F4; vocal range bottom: F2. NON AEA
Roy Wright: Male, African American, 18-25
a Scottsboro Boy and Andy's precocious younger brother; smart, learned, and literate; he helps teach Haywood how to read and write; doublings include Electrified Isaac and Billy; vocal range top: Bb4, vocal range bottom: B2. NON AEA
Willie Roberson: Male, African American, 22-28
a Scottsboro Boy bored of his Atlanta life, seeking thrills in Memphis; has a habit of stealing from the prison staff. Doubling as Electrified Charlie; vocal range top: A4; vocal range bottom: B2. NON AEA
Charles Weems: Male, African American, 22-28
a Scottsboro Boy, he is an illiterate man heading home to Atlanta; doubling as Victoria Price; vocal range top: C5; vocal range bottom: B2. NON AEA
Olen Montgomery: Male, African American, 22-28
a Scottsboro Boy heading to Memphis to try and get new glasses after being painfully kicked out by his father; he initially tries to escape punishment by blaming others; vocal range top: A4; vocal range bottom: B2. NON AEA
The Lady: Female, African American, 25-45
a woman in 1955 waiting for the bus after a long day of work; her memories trigger a retelling of the Scottsboro Boys story, and elicits occasional participation. NON AEA