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I’ve been a stand-up comedian for 25 years. (Yes, I started when I was 10.) Comedy has literally taken me around the world and back again; from Brooklyn to Brooklyn. (I'm kidding. I can't afford to live in Brooklyn.) Comedy has opened the door to being an actor, author, and keynote speaker. I believe that humor makes people happy. Happiness gives us hope and my hope is that if we can laugh together we can live together. 

As a second generation American of Caribbean descent, I consider myself lucky (you don’t get to choose your parents). Now retired, my Mom was a pre-school teacher. She stayed home with me until I was four-years old, teaching me how to read, write and use my imagination. My Dad, a king masquerading as a civil servant, was the head of the New York City Fire Department’s print shop (which means I can have incredibly geeky conversations about kerning and fonts). The baby of the family and the only girl, I grew up with a lot of love and laughter, which is where my comedy comes from. I'm not the funniest person in my family; just the one who gets paid for it.
Well... I didn't go straight into stand-up. I took a five-year detour into corporate America. I hated it. It was great! There's nothing like having a job you don't want to motivate you to find the career you do. 


New York City comedian Oscar Collazos originally hails from Cali, Colombia. Oscar spent his childhood in Miami, Florida and for the last 15 years has traveled the world spreading his twisted views, unique humor and crazy immigrant family stories. Oscarhas been featured on XM/Sirius Radio and appeared on ESPN and Comedy Central commercials as well as smaller roles in movies and television. You can find him entertaining audiences inside comedy clubs and all the way to legendary places like the Apollo Theater as well as working alongside comedy greats such as Tracy Morgan, Daniel Tosh, Bruce Bruce and many others. Professionally trained at the prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade, Oscar is an excellent improviser who has gone on to win multiple comedy contests. In typical comedian fashion, his winnings lasted less than a week and he has absolutely nothing to show for it. Oscar also loves cats. You can follow Oscar across all social media at @colombiancomic

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