At each performance of THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE there are guest spellers who join in on the F-U-N! They all got a chance to feel what it's like to BE the BEE!
WEEK SEVEN 7/23 - 7/27
Final performance (July 27) guest spellers: Lauren Persky,
Alicea Delbarba, Brian Bagely, Carly Hudosi.
July 25 guest spellers: John Zimmerman, Anthony Vidovich,
Allison Vidovich, Victor Leger.
July 26 guest spellers: Ben Ellentuck, Christine Bruno,
Neil Greenberg, Tori Britt.
July 23rd guest spellers: Kat Bauer-Phipps, Erica Champion,
Laura Webb, and Conor Proft.
July 24th guest spellers: Ross Bray, Emily Scott,
Ann Orr, and Emily McCarron.
WEEK SIX: 7/16 - 7/20

We have a winner!

Sesquipedalian, ratatouille and oligarchy are words

that were misspelled in the final round thus

determining the champion of the at the Scripps

National Spelling Bee. 
July 20 guest spellers: Tracey Gilbert, Alex Vanderhulst,
Kaitlyn Puleo, and Alexandra Marcella.
July 18 guest spellers: Julianne Roth, Brandon Cooke,
Shannon Harrison, and Anne Bekasi.
July 19 guest spellers: Ami Naff, Max Weinstein,
Juliet Askenase, and Kyle Beckley.
July 16th guest spellers: Bernadette Benner, Gerry Maxwell,
Robert Lener, and Lyle Greenblatt.
July 17th guest spellers: John Bracken, Emily Graef,
Abby Graef, and Barbara Kiezuk.
WEEK FIVE: 7/9 - 7/13

Ooo La La!

The French word connoisseur has been the most

frequently used word on Scripps National Spelling Bee

word lists. 

July 13 guest spellers: Samantha Barnett, Maureen Casey,
Gillian Limbert, and Ethan Parker.
July 11 guest spellers: Mart Smith, Dodie Mendal,
Aubrey Horn, and Gary Berman.
July 12 guest spellers: Brittani Harmeyer, Michael Isko,
Anthony Medina, and Will Weil.
July 9 guest spellers: Amy Messinger, Caitlin Landau,
Amy Goldstein, and Thomas Tegroen.
July 10 guest spellers:Ben Cramer, Aubrey Moore,
Thomas Worthley, and Sydney Anderson.
WEEK FOUR: 7/2 - 7/6
July 5 guest spellers: June Griffiths, Carson Bloomquist,
Erik Bloomquist, and Mary Silverberg.
July 6 guest spellers: Peg Arico, Judy Staknis,
Lenny Caruso, and Stanley Tripp.
July 2 guest spellers: Christy Matino, Julie Phillipps,
Chris Linghins, and Chris Farrell.
July 3 guest spellers: Michael Ersevim, Ben Astrachan,
Elise Pedroso, and Liv Drazen.
WEEK THREE: 6/25 - 6/29
Leaf, you're in good company!

Two champions -- Rebecca Sealfon (1997) and George

Thampy (2000) -- were home-schoolers at the time of

their championships. Sean Conley (2001) attended

private school during the year of his championship, but

in previous years had received his education at home.

Evan O'Dorney (2007) was a charter school student who

received much of his education at home. 
July 29 guest spellers: Sabrina Pean, Jessica Berman,
Clay Naff, and Ramona Sukhraj
July 27 guest spellers: Sue Anderson, John Eickel,
Marjorie Eickel, and Marjorie Proulx
July 28 guest spellers: Brian Kenna, Debra Walsh,
Olivia Piper, and Chotsani Graham
June 25 guest spellers: Jeanne Mucci, Frank Hallenbeck,
Mark Trencher, and Clara Daly.
June 26 guest spellers: Erin Conway, Sally Sevetz,
Anna Mindell, and Conor Hamill.
WEEK TWO: 6/18 - 6/22, 2014


Spelling Bees are thought to have originated in the

United States. The first winner of an official spelling

bee was Frank Neuhauser, who won the 1st National

Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. in 1925 at age eleven.
June 22 guest spellers: Nicole Goldstein, Mike Landry,
Morgan Lehoffer, and Ken Randolph
June 20 guest spellers: Helen Thompson, Dan Fine,
Tom Schwarz, and DJ Horn
June 21 guest spellers: Hannah Bennett, Ryan Janowski,
Fred Liebowitz, and Joanne Yurzo
June 18 guest spellers: Jane Leary, Edward Joseph,
Hannah Conner, and Morgan Bagley
June 19 guest spellers: Paul Studenski, Debby Sutherland,
Eileen McMurrer, and Terese Simmons
WEEK ONE: 6/12 - 6/15/2014
June 14 guest spellers: Bob Frahm, Jen Carvalho,
Mark Russell, and Amy Dotson
June 15 guest spellers: Sandi Plummer, Peggy Sannes,
Wil Moses, and Stephanie Whittemore
June 12 guest spellers: Lisa Wurzer, Tobi Harmon,
Shifra Cohen, and Amy Schroder
Opening Night (June 13) guest spellers: Ben Silver,
Taryn Balchunas, Leslie Gauthier, and Saffron Gaudiosi

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