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Intermediate Improvisation - Spring 2018

This class continues to work on the fundamental principles of improvisation
through short-form improve games. The class will focus on concepts such
as establishing relationships, agreement, defining objectives, status, tilt, and re-incorporation. It will also explore using the environment and nonlinear narrative. Emphasis on character work and playing with
commitment. Performance at the end of class.

Prerequisite: Intro to Improv or permission of instructor

Maximum 12 students, ages 18 and up 

Mondays, April 30 - June 18, Class show: Tuesday, June 19
Time: 7:00-10:00pm

Cost of semester - $200
To register, see form below.

Claire ZickCLAIRE ZICK has been performing, teaching, directing and producing improv for over 15 years. She is originally from Seattle where she was an ensemble member at Unexpected Productions and performed weekly in Seattle Theatresports™ and long-form shows. Now based in Connecticut, Claire produces shows as Hot Cocco Productions including audience favorites CAMPFIRE and A(N) IMPROVISED CHRISTMAS CAROL. She is known for her mastery of long-form narrative and has a reputation as an expert teacher who helps groups and individuals breakthrough to their next level. She has studied and performed improv with Ryan Stiles, Armando Diaz, Randy Dixon, Ed Herbstman, Keith Johnstone and Mick Napier.

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